Did Hillary Clinton Have A Facelift?

Denise ThomasNO, no she did not. She has a way with fixing her hair and most likely some Botox and it seems she lost weight. Not everyone has the inclination and to each his own. For those of us who might be interested please read on and please stop if not.

As a Cosmetic Surgery Consultant of over 30 years, I think it would behoove most but let’s look at it:

Most often, a facelift proves to be the way to go if your face and neck have started to sag in order to see well defined bone structure and have a younger appearance, which really if done well, makes you feel as if you received a second chance at life. It also helps with your private and business life, for obvious reasons.

After you checked in with your Internist, and found to be in good shape, if you have a realistic expectation, a facelift might be just what the doctor ordered.

You can feel young again, hopeful and start over at middle age. Usually 45 and up, depending on you.

I have never seen a patient who had a great outcome regret it. The secret is to find the right Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and that if where I fit in, so please contact me with any questions or concerns. I wouldd love to help you if you are interested in the New York City area, where I believe, we have the most experienced and best trained surgeons, after all, New York is still the center of the Universe!

Be well and happy…Denise

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