DeniseBWWebFinalSmartlipo is a laser assisted liposuction, a thin tube is inserted in the fatty area you requested, (your mid section and love handles works great, as does chin and saddle bags) making a very small incision. The laser makes for easy removal of the fat and in my opinion, gets more fat out, leaving you with less bruising and a faster recovery. The surgeon does not have to go in and out so much.

You will wear an under garment, with instructions from your surgeon, on how long to use it.
No one can see it, so don’t worry. It promotes healing and lets the layers of skin adhere back together again. The area is anesthetized but you will be sleeping, under Twilight.

Never general anesthesia. You wake up in a private recovery room, because I only recommend doctors who have their own facility, I try to avoid hospitals, you go home in about two hours as soon as you pass urine, and drink ginger ale or juice. I would wear pull on comfortable pants, ok. Not too much bending please. Slip on shoes and have a friend just pick you up and cab you home, if you live in the city.

I had this procedure done myself, on my tummy, and I love it, but of course, I chose a great surgeon as well.

I did it on a Friday and went to my office on Monday.

I had no scars at all. It looks very nice.

Let me know if you have questions?

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