DeniseBWWebFinalWe have all heard about the sad death of Dr. Fredric Brandt, it has left me stunned.

He was a Dermatologist who was the sweetest, kindness man, plus an artist in Cosmetic Dermatology, who was as famous as his well known patients.

It is understood that he killed himself over being made fun of in a Tina Fey movie called, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, where a doctor who was made to look and dress, just like him but in a grotesque way, was Botox obsessed and portrayed Dr. Brandt in a horrible fashion. How can we know if this is true?

I read where already being depressed, this pushed him over the edge and he hung himself. If only he had waited 24 hours, reached out for help….

If all this is true, why would TV personalities, like Piers Morgan continue to make fun of other people who have had Cosmetic Surgery? While there are some “movie and TV stars” who have bad work done, because they did not do their homework there are many who look gorgeous. Julia Louis-Dreyfus for one. Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis, all had superb Plastic Surgeons. Marilyn did her nose and had a chin implant, Elvis did the tip of his nose.

If all we have read about Dr. Brandt is true, how heartbreaking is this? Leave people alone to do what they want, are we all so beautiful that we cannot get some help with the right Board Certified Plastic Surgeons?

This is sad that Dr. Brandt was so devastated, and yes he was fragile, who isn’t?

Cosmetic Surgery can greatly help with many things and no one has the right to judge and make false remarks about the subject. Did you know it was invented during the World Wars, where men had their faces blown away? How about a women with cancer of the face, or a newly divorced man or woman, who wants a second chance at life, a little help to go forward?

If you do your due diligence, you can 100% find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is well trained and performs exactly as you dreamed of in improving your self esteem and lifting it in more ways than one.

Denise Thomas
Cosmetic Surgery Consultant

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